We know that when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle that there will always be concerns coming from the potential buyer and previous owner. That being said, getting a used car from a dealership is often a much better decision than buying one from your neighboor or from the newspaper. Here are some of the advantages of buying a used car from a dealership to help you learn why. 
Larger Selection

Dealerships have a wider selection of used vehicles to choose from and you can look around at multiple options in one place, rather than visiting a bunch of different private sellers. Not to mention, at a dealership you can add extra options such as an extended warranty, upgraded sound systems, or special promotions like free oil changes or tire rotations.

Certified Inspections

If a dealership is selling certified pre-owned vehicles, this means that the used car has been through a series of rigorous inspections and potential repairs to ensure the safety and quality of the vehicle. You won't find high standards like that with a private seller.

Valued Reputation

Dealerships are constantly concerned about their reputation and providing the most amazing customer service to each and every person that visits them. This means when it comes to purchasing your used vehicle, you can rely on the staff to get exactly what you want with a friendly and honest attitude.

Financing Options

Purchasing through a private seller means you'll have to discover your financing options on your own while a dealership would be able to offer you a variety of options for your new-to-you vehicle. Some lenders won't even finance a vehicle if it's being purchased from a private seller so it's definitely something to keep in mind.

All in all, there are many advantages to buying a used car from a dealership and we're here to assist you in any way possible. Visit Shults Resale Center in Olean or Dunkrik today if you'd like to see what vehicles we have to offer!

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