Headlights help you see what's up ahead in the dark or during inclement weather and they help other drivers see you on the roads. Without working headlights, you'd definitely be in trouble. This makes a burnt out bulb an issue that you needs repairing as soon as possible. Changing out the headlight bulb can be a tricky process if you don't know what to do. That's why we have put together these easy instructions on how to replace your headlights. 

Replacing a headlight on newer vehicles is an extremely simple process, thanks to your vehicle's driving manual. First, find out what headlight bulb you exactly need. Our parts department can help you there! After you have the right headlight, your vehicle manual should  be able to instruct you on exactly what to do!

Changing the headlight on an older vehicle can be a much more difficult process. However, it is not impossible! The first step is the same: obtain the right bulb for your headlights. The rest of the process is as follows:

    1. With a screwdriver, remove the screws that connect the headlamp frame to its bracket. 

    2. Disconnect the electrical connecter located in the back of the lamp. 

    3. Remove the headlight from the bracket. 

    4. Replace the headlight with the new one you have purchased. 

    5. Plug the new headlight into the wire circuit of your vehicle. 

    6. Place the headlight frame back onto the vehicle. 

    7. With a screwdriver, place the screws that connect the headlamp and the bracket back into place. 

    8. Check if the new headlight bulb lights up. 
No matter if you drive a newer vehicle or an older one, you should never stress about replacing your headlights. Stop by Shults Resale Center in Olean or Dunkirk and our service and parts departments can either help you find the right part, or just replace your headlights for you. Make an appointment or just stop by to see us! 

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