We all have to change our car's oil several times a year, but to most people the process is a mystery. Yet, it's the most important part of vehicle maintenance. While changing your own oil may see like a daunting process, it doesn't have to be. Let's go over it in 10 easy steps.
1. Buy the right oil and filter. Find the recommended viscosity in the owner's manual and get a good filter that's rated to go the distance you intend to go until your next round of maintenance.  If you're unsure which oil or filter you need, talk to our parts specialists who can help you find the ideal oil filter. 

2. Set up the workspace. A good worker should have a neat workspace. You'll need a wrench set, rubber mallet, oil filter wrench, and oil pan. You'll also want safety glasses, rags, and a tray to put all the tools in.

3. Make sure the oil is at the right temperature. If the engine is hot, wait 30 minutes before going ahead with the procedure. If it is cold, turn the engine on and let it sit for five minutes.

4. Access the oil filter and drain plug. In most cases that will mean raising the car. Some vehicles may also have an undercover you will need to remove.

5. Unscrew the drain plug. This will cause the oil to stream out from under the car, so have your oil pan ready to catch it. Let all of it drain.

6. Clean the plug, then screw it back in.

7. Remove the old oil filter, ensuring that the rubber gasket comes with it. Peel it from the engine if it doesn't. Drain the filter over the pan.

8. Install the new filter, but first dab some oil on the O-ring.

9. Refill the engine using a funnel, then run it. Leave the car on idle until the dashboard oil light goes out.

10. Check the oil using a dipstick. Add oil as needed.

If this process still seems too complicated, or like you'll need to purchase too many tools to do it, then be sure to bring your car by Shults Resale Center. Our expert service technicians will get you back on the road fast. Make your appointment by filling out the form below and thanks for choosing Shults Resale!

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