Your turn signals, aka "blinkers", are an essential part of your safety when you are driving, not only for you but for drivers around you. It helps you avoid accidents (and tickets) when you change lanes. While your blinker not a particularly large light, it is an important one. Any time your blinker burns out, it is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately! Without a properly functioning turn signal bulb, you have no way of alerting drivers around you of your intention to turn right or left. 

1. Determining if Your Blinker is Out

Realizing when your blinker is out is difficult given your limited view from the driver's seat. One way to tell if your blinker is out while driving is to see if you notice the light at night. You can also have a friend stand outside your car and tell you if the blinker is on or off. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, pulling into the garage and turning on your blinkers can also help you determine if one of your turn signals is out. 

The simplest way to determine if your blinker light is out is to turn off your music and listen to the sounds your blinker makes. If it seems like it's blinking faster than usual, that's normally an indication that the light is out. The number of other drivers who honk at you whenever you change lanes on a busy road can also be an indicator of a faulty light bulb, but not a way we would recommend. To avoid getting into an accident, being honked at, or getting a ticket, check your signals at least as often as you change your oil. 

2. Purchase The Correct Bulb

After realizing that your blinker is no longer blinking, the first important step is to determine which replacement blinker bulb you need. This information can often be found in your owner's manual, or you can stop by our Shults Resale parts department, and we can pick out the right bulb for you. Once you have the right blinker light bulb, you can start working on replacing the old bulb. 

3. How to Access Your Blinker Bulb

Getting to the turn signal bulb is the most complicated part of this procedure. Most bulbs can be accessed by removing frames and covers from the vehicle's exterior. However, the bulb inside many older models must be accessed through the trunk. Information on how to access your blinker's bulb can be found in your owner's manual or, if all else fails, on YouTube were there are how-to videos for almost every model out there. 

4. How to Replace Your Blinker

Once you have access to the turn signal bulb, turn the bulb left to remove it. When you do, check for any signs of corrosion. If there are none, simply place the new bulb in by turning it right. Place all the necessary frames back onto the vehicle to cover up the new bulb and test your turn signal to be certain that it works. 
Following these easy instructions will make changing out your blinker an easy process. If you have any questions about how to change out your blinker, or if you would just prefer to have a professional do it for you, let us at Shults Resale Center know and our highly knowledgeable service staff will be more than willing to help you out. Just give us a call at (888) 483-0660 for our Dunkirk location, or (888) 361-5952 for our Olean location.  Thanks for choosing Shults!