We all know that routine vehicle maintenance will help keep your car in its best shape for years to come, but often times we forget when we should be getting different routine maintenance checks done. Luckily, our handy vehicle service guide will help break it down for you to let you know just when you should be heading in for your next oil change. 

Every 3,000-7,000 Miles

Every car is unique and you should definitely check your owner's manual to ensure you are following all recommended service schedules for you car. That being said, every 3,000-7,000 miles you can count on needing to change your oil and oil filter. Your windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid levels should also be checked around this time. You can also use this opportunity to inspect your tires, windshield wipers, and exterior lights to ensure they are all in proper working order. Check your owner's manual for the recommended mileage for this first check point.

Every 15,000-30,000 Miles

Every 15,000 miles, you should get a new air filter. Inspect your battery and coolant every 20,000 miles. At 25,000 miles, most manufacturer's recommend you replace your fuel filter. At 30,000 miles, you should again replace the air filer and you should flush and replace your power steering fluid. You should also inspect your HVAC system, brake pads, coolant, radiator hoes, and suspension system. 

Every 35,000-50,000 Miles

Examine your battery every 35,000 miles and replace it as needed. Get new spark plugs, spark plug wires, and inspect the suspension and ignition system every 40,000 miles, 45,000 miles, and 50,000 miles.

Every 60,000 Miles

At 60,000 miles, you will need to do a lot more checks. You should replace the brake pads and brake fluid, radiator hoses, power steering fluid, coolant, and timing belt. Check out your tires, suspension system, and HVAC as well to ensure they are in their best working order.

While these are some standard recommendations, keep in mind that this is just a general service guide. To learn more about your particular car's service, check your owner's manual and bring your car in to our friendly and knowledgeable mechanics at Shults Resale Center. We can help you determine what maintenance and repairs you need and get your car in its best possible shape. Schedule your appointment using the handy service form below. We look forward to seeing you at our Olean and Dunkirk area dealerships soon!

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