When shopping for a car, many people shy away from the idea of buying a used car. They want to know who owned the car from Day 1. But, buying used arguably has many more benefits than buying new. While you might expect a used car to come with many problems, when you get a used car from Shults Resale, you will be getting one of the best used cars on the market. Not only there are plenty of Certified Pre-Owned programs out there that ensure your used car is in top-notch condition, but we put every single one of our used cars, if it's a part of a Certified Pre-Owned Program or not, through a 150-point inspection. To help you better understand the benefits and value of buying a used car, Shults Resale Center has gathered a list of the reasons used cars can be better. 

  • Cheaper price - According to Cars.com, the current price gap between a new and used car is around the $20,000 mark. For many people, this is the top reason for choosing to purchase a used car. While the used car might have a few more miles than a new car, it's worth it for a significantly lower price. 

  • More options to choose from - When you are car shopping for a used car, the options are endless. Almost any model year is available to you, ranging from last year's model to a model that is 20 years old. If you want a wider selection while you're shopping, then the used car market is for you. 

  • More technology for less money - Technology is a major selling point in the automotive industry and, as the industry continues to move forward with more innovative technologies, used cars continue to offer the older versions. This means you can receive a vehicle that has all the technological trimmings, such as BlueTooth, Pandora Radio, and navigation, for a significantly smaller price tag. 

  • Less depreciation - The moment new cars are driven off the dealership lot, they lose a large portion of their value. With a used vehicle, you don't experience a loss of value immediately, as you do with a new car. This also helps make the used car's owner more comfortable driving, reducing the worry they might have of receiving a scratch on their vehicle. 

These are just a few of the benefits of buying a used car. If you are interested in purchasing your next vehicle after learning about the true value of a used car, then don't forget to stop in to Shults Resale Center today!


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